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Why utilize our services? The answer is simple: More sales… More often… With less effort… With less cost! It's time to take ownership of your virtual sample tools and incorporate rich media onto your website - your customers will thank you!

As the global Virtual Sample leader in the Promotional Products Industry, we pride ourselves on providing suppliers and distributers with the results they expect - often exceeding their ROI forecasts!  We ensure cost effective delivery of branded products to end-buyers, a reduced sales cycle and of course, an enhanced, interactive and dynamic website experience for their visitors.  

Since launching in 1998, TECHNOLOGO.com has grown and expanded into a trusted global service provider. Not only do we have clients and users on every continent, but we also provide multilingual technical support and customer service (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc.).

TECHNOLOGO.com is the only company that provides realistic virtual samples in real time and with any method of customization. We support debossing, embroidery, laser engraving, die struck, foil stamping, screen/pad printing, etching on glass and crystal and many more.  Full wraps and add-on clip emblems just scratch the surface of our capabilities.

With a wide range of scalable services at a variety of price points we are able to meet any business need and budget. Whether you are a one man operation or a multinational corporation, our tools make it much easier for the buyer to make their purchase decision with the art of exemplary online visuals. In fact, about 1 - 1.5 million virtual samples are creating monthly using our cost and time saving tools, which saves the Promotional Products industry millions of dollars each year!

To help our customers ensure the most effective and efficient use of our tools, we are happy and eager to provide educational demos, tutorials, seminars and webinars! Feel free to contact us