Stay ahead of the curve with Technologo’s powerful Virtual Sample tools -vSample Lite, vSampleand vSample Max!

The average sales cycle of promotional products can be time consuming and expensive, with design suggestions going back and forth, samples being mailed, adjusted and mailed again.

When you add Technologo vSample to your website, everything changes. Your clients can add their logos and text to your products to create their own realistic Virtual Samples, and you can use the same tools to create compelling presentations.

Virtual Samples are the best way you can engage with your customers online*

Engaged customers are more loyal; they buy more, and they refer more customers to you.* These are compelling reasons to make sure that you are engaging with your customers at every opportunity - and interactive images, as delivered by Technologo, are the most effective way of making your website more engaging!

Virtual Samples reduce the length of the buying cycle

When your customers can see their logo on your products, they don't have to imagine what the possibilities are. When you deliver a presentation to your client with all of their prospective merchandise branded with their artwork, they're going to be blown away.

Virtual Samples increase efficiency

Technologo's solutions are cloud-based, so you can create visuals for your clients in the office, your favorite coffee shop, on a plane - even while you're talking to your client. Imagine having a discussion about their upcoming exhibition, and sending them 10 branded product ideas into their inbox before you've even finished speaking! That's the power of Technologo Virtual Samples.

Virtual Samples are affordable

Whether you are a large multinational organization or a sole trader, we have a package to meet your needs. Stand out with the addition of rich media to your website and don’t get left behind in the virtual world!

*Source: Measuring the Total Economic Impact of Customer Engagement by Forrester Consulting