I would NOT be able to conduct my business nearly as successfully without my subscription to Technologo.

It has eliminated the need to wait for our vendors to create the virtuals - and often times even eliminates the need for actual proofs as our customers' are getting the proof in SECONDS directly from me and my staff.

I absolutely love this product and will never be without it.

— Grant Peters, PROforma

Technologo virtual sample tools are outstanding! Not only do these tools allow our customer base to design realistic looking custom product themselves, they allow our sales staff to quickly and efficiently create custom product designs for potential customers without the need for specialized graphic design software.

These tools have saved our company thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours that would have otherwise been spent on graphic design. The virtual sample tools allow us to more efficiently interact with our customer base: custom product designs that used to take days or weeks to produce now take minutes.

The design team at Technologo was able to take our overall vision and apply it to our final product with amazing accuracy. They are professional, easy to work with, and take great pride in their work!

— Trevor Davenport, G SPORTSWEAR

I am writing to tell you why I love Technologo Instant... and why I was devastated when it was no longer available on ESP. I now have my own subscription to it and it is better now than it was when on ESP because now all of my logos are right there when I need them. I have other ways of getting images onto items but the time consumed doing that is better spent on selling.

In mere seconds I can pull an image from a supplier webpage and have my client logo on the product, saved in their folder and put into a presentation. Nothing speaks to a client better than showing them a product with their logo already on it. It's so simple to show it to them in other colour combinations so they can feel more confident in choosing what is right for getting their message out and showcasing their brand.
What I love also about Technologo is how user friendly it is. It can be learned in minutes and the longer one uses it the more proficient one becomes. One of the best features is the ability to change the colour of the logo right on the product and to choose what the imprint is, be it screen printing, embroidery, debossing, or laser etching. How creative does that make me look?
At the PPPC show all four in our office stopped by for a quick tour and I even learned something new that I did not know about which is the presentations. How much time that will save me when I need to send just a few samples?
So, to all the folks at Technologo, please… don’t go away. Just get better. You have become one of my daily used, must have tools. Rarely does a day go by that I do not visit my Technologo to make up a mock up for a client. You make me look so good.
Thanks for giving us all a tool that we can use.

Sam Anderson, Proforma Urban Peddler Promotions

Your virtual sample tools have become invaluable for my business.

On one company store project alone I saved over $3000 in photography by using virtual samples instead of photographing each spec sample as well as the price of the samples and shipping.

Because I did not have to wait for products to arrive, I was able to have the store running in only 48 hours, instead of the normal 3-4 weeks.

When suppliers have product specials, I can add them into my stores in minutes. Thanks Technologo.

— Ken McDowall, President, Proforma Adam Promotions

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for going the extra mile to meet our deadlines on the most current projects completed for Sanford B2B.

I know that it is a busy time of the year for you with all of your customers clamoring to have their new products processed in time for the new year.

We want you to know how much we truly appreciate the dedication and service that you have provided Sanford, not just recently, but over the past few years.

Your virtual sample tools are state-of-the-art and genuine contributors to our success.

We are very much looking forward to mutual, continued growth and a strong business relationship.

— Lisa O'Leary, Sanford Business-to-Business

Technologo Virtual Sample tools have become an essential part of our everyday routine on primeworld.com.

Our Distributors use the services regularly and comment of how much value Prime adds to their company.

We are thrilled with what the tool brings to our business, and we look forward to working together for the long term.

— Jeff Lederer, Prime Resources Corp.

A couple of weeks ago, we received a Purchase Order from a new customer for 500 units of a customized Ribbon Bookmark.

We only had two weeks to deliver the order, but because of the Virtual Sample, the whole process was swift and we delivered on-time.

We saved days of valuable time in closing the deal and hundreds of dollars in not having to produce a spec sample for the client. Thank you, Technologo.

— Linda Burich, Medalcraft Mint

We have been using your 3D virtual sampling system for almost a year now and have saved over $20,000 already in reduced sample cost - not including the associated costs of shipping and administration.
The custom software you developed for us has also saved us an incredible amount of time for our artwork team.
Thanks for all of your work and for your incredible tools!

— Bill Yelland, VP of Sales and Marketing, Precidio Inc.

After spending some time perfecting the use of the 3D Virtual Samples, I tried it out on clients. The first 2 virtual samples that I did... ordered!!

They thought that this way of showing artwork on the product was so cool. I will be using this service every chance I can. Thanks!!!

— Sandra Toms, President, Everyday Specialties Inc.

We have chosen Technologo as our Virtual Sample Company because the Technologo format was the best and easiest to use.

Today people want to see how their merchandise will look before ordering, and Technologo makes this simple for our distributors to do.

— Tony Milcarsky, President, Epoly Corporation