Create Virtual Samples from any image on the Internet! 

How Technologo Instant is activated

The process for using Instant is effortless! Here's how it works:

  1. Download the application here
  2. Utilize Instant by right clicking on any image on the Internet and selecting 'Create a Virtual Sample'






Logo Removal Tool

Removing logo using Technologo Instant

  • Removes any logo with a few clicks - even on transparent or mirrored products!
Logo Retention
 Your Portfolio stores previously uploaded logos
  • Once you've uploaded a logo you'll see it on every product you enhance, saving time and helping you respond faster.
Advanced Logo and Text Editing
Technologo Instant Interface
  • Resize and rotate your logo, change the color scheme, add text and then choose your imprint method to create a realistic presentation.
vFlyer Service
  • Create and send multiple Virtual Sample images together in one professional looking, personalizable flyer template! Add as many Virtual Samples as you desire, and add your preferred color scheme, contact details and product details before sending to your client. Find out more about vFlyer here.
Corporate licensing available for multiple users withing a corporate organization.