Why is HTML5 better than Java?

At the time of writing (September 2015), Technologo is completing the transition of our Virtual Sample solutions from a Java based client interface to HTML5.

What's wrong with Java?

Java vs HTML5Java was, for many years, an ideal platform for Technologo, as well as millions of other technology solutions. It ran on pretty much any operating system (Mac, PC) and browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).

However, some browsers have recently implemented changes that prevent Java from running.

Java is also quite resource-heavy. That means it works well on fast internet connections from computers, but less so on mobile devices and tablets.

Additionally, Java calls on external programs such as Adobe Flash for audio/visual purposes, some of which are not compatible with all browsers.

Finally, Java updates about once a month, forcing users to restart their computers.

What's so great about HTML5?

  • HTML5 runs on almost every operating system and browser
  • HTML5 is less resource-heavy so it works well on any device, including smartphones
  • HTML5 supports audio/visual files and multimedia without needing to call on external programs
  • HTML5 is ultra-stable and doesn't require updates
  • HTML5 is also more secure.

So there you have it! The client interfaces for vSample Lite and Standard services have already transitioned to HTML5, and our Custom service will follow soon, completing this important transition of our services to a more robust and mobile friendly solution.