Technologo Announces Retirement of Java Platform Tools

Technologo, the world leader in the provision of virtual samples to the personalized products industry, has today announced the planned retirement of the remaining client-side Java platform tools from its Technologo solution.

HTML5Commenting on the move, Fred Schade, Group Chief Technology Officer said “Enabling our customers to use our market leading tools anywhere at any time is a key driver for our business. The move from a Java Applet to HTML5 has been at the top of our list of priorities and will enhance the customer experience immensely.”

The development release will follow soon after the launch of the recently-announced pricing structure for all Technologo tools that will save suppliers 40% on average. The new pricing structure is effective immediately and can be viewed at

Deborah Wilkinson, Managing Director of Technologo commented, “It has been a long time coming but the move from Java to HTML5 for our Custom and 360 Products brings them in line with all of the other Technologo products and removes the issues that crop up when Java updates are applied.”

About Technologo

Technologo, part of Customer Focus Interactive Imaging, is the promotional product industry’s most popular Virtual Sampling solution, with more than 1 million Virtual Samples created every month. Technologo has offices in North America and Europe, and customers on almost every continent.