Technologo Announces New Packages and Pricing for Virtual Sample Solutions

The industry’s most popular Virtual Sample provider, Technologo, has announced new packages and pricing, designed to make their solutions accessible to any sized business.

For suppliers, there are two new packages: vSample, and vSample Max. vSample gives suppliers an affordable and easy way to add Virtual Sample technology to their website. It replaces the former vSample Basic, Lite and Standard services, and combines all of their functionality into one package. Users benefit from automatic logo placement, multiple imprint techniques, advanced logo and text editing, and a virtual flyer builder.

The vSample Max service adds to this service by allowing suppliers to specify which imprint methods distributors can choose from, and showing multiple color options in the Technologo interface.

For distributors, the vSample Lite service allows them to add Virtual Samples to their end user website with minimum set up required, and a fixed monthly fee for unlimited products.

Deborah Wilkinson, Managing Director of Technologo, comments: “Technologo has led the way in Virtual Sample solutions for over 10 years, but our pricing structure made it difficult for smaller distributors and suppliers to benefit.

“The new packages are easier to understand, and much more affordable; our existing customers also benefit as we’re rolling more functionality into the packages they’re currently subscribed to.”

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About Technologo

Technologo, part of Customer Focus Interactive Imaging, is the promotional product industry’s most popular Virtual Sampling solution, with more than 1 million Virtual Samples created every month. Technologo has offices in North America and Europe, and customers on almost every continent.