Organizing your Business Cards from Networking Events

Business cardsWhether you’re heading to an industry trade show or socializing at networking events this holiday season, you're going find yourself inundated with lots of business cards.

Here are our top tips for making sure you do something useful with them, rather than just decorative stacks around your desk...

Tip 1: Don’t lose them!

As soon as you have a new business card, take a photo of it on your camera phone in case you lose it! You can then send them to yourself via email to organize.

There are apps such as ‘Evernote’ which let you store the photos, and do clever things like recognize the details and make them editable and searchable. Some are even clever enough to pull in additional details from LinkedIn and let you send your contact details to them.

Tip 2: Organize and share

File your business cards by labelling them appropriately with the name, company and event you met them at. If they are sitting in your emails you can do this by creating folders, or it may be a good idea to save them as attachments in your CRM system, or saved on a centralized drive, so you can share them with team members.

Tip 3: Take action

It might sound obvious, but are you actually following up on new contacts once you have them?

To make sure you follow up in a timely manner, add Reminders in your calendar on your phone and/or CRM system. If you met someone at an event a few nights ago, set a Reminder to email or call them at the end of the week.

Again some Apps for your smart phone incorporate features such as reminders and link them to where you have your business cards are saved, which is super handy!

The most important thing is not to allow the grass to grow under your feet. Fast follow ups are key, and an organized approach will pay dividends.