How to show your customers you care this Christmas

eCards are a little passé... Sending an actual card is costly and not great for the environment... How can you show your customers you care this Christmas? With Technologo Instant, that's how!

Technologo Instant's 'true' purpose is to allow distributors to create their own virtual samples, but it doubles up as a way of creating eye-catching, personalized images to surprise and delight your customers with!

Technologo Instant for personalized imagesTechnologo Instant for personalized imagesTechnologo Instant for personalized images

These examples took me about a minute each to create - no time at all - and I can share the graphic with my customer over email, post it to their Facebook page, send them a message via LinkedIn, or DM them on Twitter.

Technologo Instant lets you add text and images (usually logos but can be anything) to any image on the internet. You can remove the white with one click, skew, scale and re-color images, and add text in multiple fonts, sizes and styles.

Best of all, you have a handy 'techniques' tab which lets you imitate many key imprint methods, from debossing to embroidering to etching to engraving.

If you're a current Technologo Instant user, there's a feature you might not be aware of - if you log into your Technologo Instant account (via, you can upload an image from your desktop to the Technologo interface - so if you've been emailed a picture, or you have a photo saved on your phone, you can still use Instant to customize those images.

Not currently using Technologo Instant? You can try it out for free! Just visit to get started.

Happy Holidays!