vSample delivers everything you need to enable your website with Virtual Samples.

  • vSample Lite

    Advanced logo editing for greater realism. Features logo retention, text placement and editing, and portfolio logo storage. Learn more about vSample Lite.

  • vSample

    Our new package for suppliers adds automatic logo placement for ease and speed of use. Users can pick their imprint method and create a Virtual Flyer. Learn more about vSample.

  • vSample Max

    vSample Max adds to the vSample functionality by delivering multiple colored products and supplier-specified imprint methods. Learn more about vSample Max.

vSample Custom produces the most realistic Virtual Samples, complete with 360 spin.

360 Spin Virtual Samples

Combining product color choice, imprint method, location, logo placement and text editing with 360 degree spin in an easy to use interface.

 We have processed thousands of products and have the experience to do just about any type of product with any type of personalization.   

Learn more about 360 spin Virtual Samples

Create Virtual Samples from any image on the internet, faster and more affordably!


If you need Virtual Samples fast, you're in the right place! With Technologo Instant you can:

  • Create a Virtual Sample from any image on the internet
  • Remove existing logos with a few mouse clicks
  • Add logos and/or text
  • Choose your imprint method and send to your client!

"It’s a great product, saves me a lot of time and frustration compared to Photoshop, no design skills needed, easy to use and would definitely recommend." Antony Showman, Zest Promotional


vSample Add-Ons

Supercharge your Virtual Samples and sales efforts!

vSample MAX

Show multiple product colors and imprint methods with the MAX upgrade, available with the vSample Standard service. Learn more.


This solution is the ultimate addition for a quick, simple and enriched user experience. Learn more.


Send multiple Virtual Samples inside a professional, customized flyer. Free with Technologo Instant and vSample CustomLearn more.